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1. You never have to commit to any long term contract or commitment.
2. You never have to talk to a sales person to negotiate the price.
3. You never have to worry about losing a percentage of the debt amount to a collection agency with our flat fee prices ($15.00 and less).
4. You never lose control of the process with 24 hour 7 days a week total access to your account.
5. You never have to call us to find out what stage we are in the collection letter series with your account.
6. Minimize your staff’s time and effort trying to collect delinquent accounts receivable. We complete the whole process for you.
7. You never have to wait to receive a check payment from us because the debtor is instructed to pay you directly.
8. You never have to worry about how or what to write in the collection letter. We’re in the business of writing collection letters -- not you.
9. You never have to pay any membership fees.
10. You never have to commit to a ridiculous number of collection letters which may never need. When you buy from us buy only as many as you want when you want, even if that is just one.   
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